Looking for the right elder care setting for you or a loved one? We can help you select the best fit!

“This is such a difficult time for me with so many emotions and doubts. I want to thank you for your kind support and listening.”

—Anne W., Santa Rosa, CA

Our philosophy

We believe both people and assisted living communities have unique personalities. We are committed to finding a "home away from home" that is well equipped to take care of your special needs, and would also be a good fit.

How we do it

Assuming you are the person in need of assisted living, we start the process by gathering information from you, your family, your care manager, and/or anyone else whose input is important to help find the best match.  If you live locally, we will also meet with you in person.

We then identify facilities that best match your criteria, accompany you on site visits, and facilitate the paperwork process after your decision has been made.