Tweeten Eldercare Advisors TEAm

Eloise Tweeten

Eloise Tweeten, founder, launched the company in late 2007 and continues to be very hands-on. Her experience navigating care options for her father and aunt, when they were both in their 90s, led her to do this important work. Eloise now knows most North Bay communities and care homes intimately, and is able to narrow the search options quickly.

Eloise enjoys meeting with seniors and family members, and takes a personalized approach to help navigate the assisted living process. One size doesn't fit all!  Her experience as a human resources executive and operations manager helps her recognize well-operated facilities with caring, well-trained employees.  Outside of work, Eloise is busy with Rotary (Santa Rosa Sunrise club), and enjoys participating on a Masters synchronized swim team, cycling in wine country, and playing with her granddaughter, Layna, who keeps her young at heart.

“Polly went above and beyond and was extremely sensitive to the ongoing issues.  She was well informed, patient, and was able to find common ground between the four siblings." 

—Jan A., Maryland

Photography by Jack Strange

Photography by Jack Strange

“The knowledge, style and talent that Eloise demonstrated for working with our family was top notch.  You took my very complicated placement challenges and worked with me very productively and sensitively”

—Dianne S., Santa Rosa, CA

Polly Elkin

Polly is our Marin-based housing specialist. She joined our team in 2013 after 33 years in real estate sales and appraisal. Polly started caring for elders in her adolescent years by taking care of her grandmother. As her parents aged, along with her husband's parents, she learned the intricacies of caring for loved ones with dementia, arthritis, spinal stenosis, and heart disease. A dear friend with early onset Alzheimer's gave her an even deeper understanding of the need for guidance and support during these challenging life transitions. Polly resides in the Dominican area of San Rafael, and loves sharing in the busy life of her three grown children and their families, walking her dog, Maya, and spending time volunteering, gardening, reading and hiking with her husband.

Ellen Bicheler

Ellen is likely to be your first contact with Tweeten Eldercare Advisors. She conducts initial phone interviews with callers, gathering the most relevant information about medical conditions, care needs, social needs, geographic parameters, and cost constraints. You may just need a referral to in-home care agencies, or other community resources, in which case she can provide this information directly. Often, she will schedule an in-person appointment with Eloise or Polly to gather more in-depth information before you tour community options. Ellen also follows up with families after placement to ensure they are satisfied with the care provided.  She brings a well-rounded background in client services and senior care options from her ombudsman training, experience at a senior day program, hospice work, and personal experience with her parents and grandparents.  An upstate New York transplant, Ellen has resided in southwest Petaluma for over 30 years.  

Kelsey Maddox

Kelsey joined our team as an eldercare advisor in early 2017 and serves Napa as well as parts of Sonoma County.  Previously, he was an executive director of two retirement communities in the Bay Area.  In 2006, Kelsey also completed a Master's degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis on aging.  His position as an advisor with Tweeten Eldercare continues his life-long desire to serve the elderly and their families, and share his expertise as a counselor on aging issues.  He developed an affinity for seniors during childhood when he listened to their life stories while sitting upon porch swings in his small Illinois home town.  While living in Honolulu in 1977, he completed his first training with hospice, and this work has become a volunteer focus of his since that time.  He resides in the city of Sonoma.

Lisa Salem

Lisa is our "virtual assistant."  She is responsible for regularly updating information on over 225 communities throughout the North Bay. She gathers information about each licensed RCFE (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly) and independent living communities, including availability, resident demographics, and each community's ability to care for specific resident needs. She knows which communities can and cannot accommodate needs such as dementia, skilled services (e.g. injections), hospice, etc. and is constantly updating this information for easy access by other team members. A Florida native, has spent many years caring for her mother while operating her home-based business.

Everyone was so supportive and professional. No one ever gave up on us no matter how many houses we went to see...having an experienced, knowledgeable person about the many mysteries of finding a good, safe place helped with the anxiety of the task.”
—Elizabeth W., Boonville, CA