Skilled Nursing Facilities & Nursing Homes

Most nursing homes in California are licensed as Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), which California broadly defines as a health facility that provides skilled nursing and supportive care to persons who need this type of care on an extended basis. Unlike assisted living facilities which are licensed as non-medical facilities, SNFs provide 24 hour nursing care and medical services as well as personal care. Often seniors will transition to a SNF after a qualifying hospital stay after an illness or surgery, and receive post-acute rehabilitation services. After rehab is completed, they usually go home or to an assisted living setting. Other people may be sicker and need care for a longer period of time.

Medicare also uses the term "skilled nursing facility" for nursing homes that are certified to receive its payments. Medi–Cal uses a similar term, "nursing facility (NF)," for nursing homes that are certified to receive Medi–Cal payments. Most, but not all, licensed skilled nursing facilities in California are certified to participate in Medicare and Medi–Cal.

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—Cynthia L., Santa Rosa